An Exposed Abutment Is a Serious Cause for Concern

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A replacement crown is secured in place using a strong dental cement that is designed to hold the crown in place for a very long time. Unfortunately, there are times when the pervasive presence of bacteria in your mouth can compromise this cement and cause the crown to fall out.

If you notice the abutment, or a small post-like structure, protruding from your gums, it likely means the cement was compromised. If the abutment has maintained its integrity, then Dr. Dennis Coyle might be able to simply clean the abutment and crown and cement them back in place.

If the crown is damaged or missing, then they will need to make another new crown. Our CEREC same-day technology makes this a wait-free, same-visit process.

If the abutment was damaged in any way, or it has broken off at the gum line, then Dr. Dennis Coyle might need to perform a root canal to fully restore its structural integrity. This will also call for the creation of a new crown.

If you have a crown that has just fallen out, or even feels loose, you should not delay in contacting Coyle Dentistry at 973-966-6555 to set up an emergency appointment.