Our dentists can make our local anesthetics even more local because we provide the STA™ single tooth anesthesia system. This computer-controlled tool allows us to inject anesthesia more precisely so we can numb a single tooth rather than large areas of your mouth. Call Dr. Dennis Coyle and Dr. Kate Coyle if you want to learn more about STA single tooth anesthesia in Madison, New Jersey.

When you need a dental filling, root canal, or another procedure, we will inject a local anesthetic in your mouth so you can feel comfortable during the treatment. However, the numbness that results can affect large areas of your mouth and may take several hours to fade. It can feel awkward to have your tongue, lips, and cheeks numb for this time because it makes eating and speaking more difficult. This is why we use the STA single tooth anesthesia system.

The STA uses computer-guided technology to deliver anesthesia to just one tooth in your mouth. This ensures that you will feel comfortable when a procedure is performed on the affected tooth, but you won’t have to feel awkwardly numb in other areas. The pressure-sensing technology of this tool also helps to make the injections more comfortable. Call our office today if you would like to learn more about this single tooth anesthesia system.