An Ignored Cavity Can Compromise a Tooth So Badly That It Can Only Be Restored by a Bridge

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A large or otherwise ignored cavity on one of your teeth can pose a serious threat to your oral health. If the decay is allowed to spread it can infect the dentin, pulp and root of the tooth. In time, it can even lead to an abscess, or pocket of dangerous infection in your gums.

In a case like this, Dr. Dennis Coyle’s only recourse might be to extract the severely decayed tooth so it can later be restored by a bridge. A bridge is single piece of dental work, that essentially mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. The replacement tooth is fused to a pair of crowns that are anchored on abutments formed out of the two closest teeth.

To form the two abutments, Dr. Dennis Coyle will remove the majority of enamel layer from each of the nearest teeth. This creates a small protective sheath around the internal structures of each tooth.

Dr. Dennis Coyle will then form a detailed impression of the abutments and corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab, to help guide them as they produce your permanent bridge. Then they will secure a temporary crown atop each abutment to keep them safe.

Dr. Dennis Coyle will call you back in for a second appointment once the dental lab has completed your permanent bridge. The temporary crowns will be removed and your new permanent bridge is cemented in place.

If you have lost a tooth or have one suffering from severe tooth decay, you need to call Dr. Dennis Coyle’s office in Madison, New Jersey at 973-966-6555 to schedule an appointment.